Joona Sotala

Age: 20
Location: Pornainen, Fi

 “Joona is a hard worker with tremendous talent. He has already shown the world after focusing fully on Starcraft II after graduation, that he can be one of the very best players in his game”
Petri “Procyon” Hämälä, Head of Player Development at ENCE


His name has been for forever signed into the esports history books. Serral currently stands among the top of all-time StarCraft 2 talent. He has always been considered a strong player, but in 2018 he went above and beyond. Not only did he win his first major title in WCS Leipzig, but also collected every single trophy along the WCS Circuit, even going head-to-head against the best Koreans and emerging victorious.

He ended the year achieving what no other foreigner has ever done – a WCS Global Finals Championship title. His tournament earnings during the year exceeded the remarkable amount of $470,000. We look eagerly into 2019 to see what the future brings for this Finnish Phenom of StarCraft 2.

Career highlights


WCS Global Finals 2018
WCS Circuit Montreal 2018
GSL vs The World 2018
WCS Circuit Valencia 2018
WCS Circuit Austin 2018
WCS Circuit Leipzig 2018
Intel Extreme Masters World Championship Katowice 2018


Gear & Settings

  • MousepadASUS Cerberus XXL ENCE Edition
  • MonitorASUS VG248QE
  • HeadsetASUS ROG Delta