GSL vs the World 2019 Coverage

Coverage 15.8.2019

Coverage from the StarCraft II GSL vs the World event

Serral Open and a base in Pornainen

Post 12.8.2019

It is no secret that the StarCraft 2 World Champion Joona “Serral” Sotala enjoys spending his free time golfing. Last weekend, Kotajärvi Golf course organised an event carrying Joona’s name, Serral Open.

WCS Fall 2019 Challenger Coverage

Coverage 9.8.2019

Coverage from the StarCraft II WCS Fall 2019 Challenger

Introducing the ENCE autumn 2019 collection

News 1.8.2019

We are delighted to bring a new and more defined ENCE clothing and apparel collection making its debut at Assembly Summer 2019 before hitting online sales next week. This article will introduce you to the clothing items we are releasing starting from today, with couple items hitting presales next week

ENCE activities at Assembly Summer 2019

News 1.8.2019

The biggest computer festival in Finland, Assembly starts this Thursday and ENCE is going to be more visible than ever. Not only is Serral competing in the ASUS ROG StarCraft II -tournament, you can also find our own booth at the expo hall and purchase ENCE merch at the event.

ASUS ROG Summer 2019 Coverage

Coverage 1.8.2019

Coverage from the StarCraft II ASUS ROG Summer 2019 event

Asus Rog Summer 2019 Preview

Post 28.7.2019

Interview with Serral about the upcoming Asus Rog Summer 2019 tournament

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