Serral is the GSL vs The World Champion!

Last weekend, we got to witness esport history being made, by none other than Joona “Serral” Sotala. He participated in GSL vs The World where he got a chance to show his strength against the best Korea had to offer.

He started his run in a dominant way, taking two 3-0 wins against the Terran players Kelazhur and INnoVation. His first map loss of the tournament happened against Dark in the semi-final, the series still ended 3-1 for Joona and the Finn was looking unstoppable when going into the finals.

There he faced Stats, one of the best Protoss players in the world. Things started off a bit shaky as Stats took a quick 2-0 lead, but Serral was able to claw his way back and tie the series to 2-2. After losing one more map Serral managed to take the last two and claim one more title to his name, and the biggest achievement of his career.

"Obviously I was slightly worried after being 0-2 down but luckily there was a couple minute break after that. I think as long as you acknowledge that there isn’t a whole lot you can do about the earlier games it is pretty easy to stay calm and focus on the coming."

Joona "Serral" Sotala

By winning GSL. vs The World he became the first foreigner ever to win a GSL. Korea has so long been the dominant region in StarCraft2, so for someone to take a title on their soil is truly a massive feat. At the same time, Serral became one of the ten players to have collected a "triple crown" - a championship title on every region. His performance left no doubts about him having his rightful place among the StarCraft 2 elite.

We were able to interview the Champion about his victory, practice and plans for the future:

Congratulations! Now that you’re home, and things have returned back to normal, how you feel about your GSL vs the World win?

"Right now I feel like just after every win! So extremely good I also think this win is a very good sign for the upcoming Blizzcon."

How have you celebrated your victory, and what kind of welcome did you have when you arrived back in Finland?

"There were some people waiting at the airport which was cool. Otherwise haven’t really been celebrating too much except for the cake my mom bought!"

We saw some incredible games from you this weekend, and a nail-biting finals against Stats. Were you worried at any point during the series and how did you manage to remain calm?

"I feel like the series with stats was extremely messy and he managed to pull me out of my comfort zone many times. Obviously I was slightly worried after being 0-2 down but luckily there was a couple minute break after that. I think as long as you acknowledge that there isn’t a whole lot you can do about the earlier games it is pretty easy to stay calm and focus on the coming."

Many must be wondering, what is your practice routine? Do you have some other hobbies you balance the days with?

"I wouldn't say I have really a clear practice routine but I try to get as much practice as I possibly can and feel like it is useful. I don't really have any other actual hobbies since I havent played golf once this year yet. But I do like to balance my gaming career with other stuff aswell and especially now in the summer there's a lot to do outside!"

Do you plan to keep practicing at home since it has clearly been effective, or will you travel to Korea to prepare for Blizzcon?

"No plans to go to Korea this year anymore but possibly next year."

How would you describe your progress during the years you have played StarCraft 2?

"I think my progress has been pretty slow during the years. I was decently good when I started playing and then I was slowly climbing ladder ranks for 5 years without any real tournament results. My progress started to skyrocket when I went full time in the beginning of 2017 as I managed to fully concentrate on one thing instead of balancing between playing and going to school."

Which players have been your biggest inspirations in the scene?

"My biggest inspiration has always been Jaedong."

You’ve said you consider yourself among the top 5 players in the world right now. Who are the 4 others in your opinion?

"I haven't really though too much about it, but I'd say Dark, Maru and Rogue atleast. Then maybe INnoVation or Classic?"
Do you have any ambitions on going to compete in the next GSL?
"Not really. If I go to Korea for practice next year and GSL happens to be around the same time obviously I'll participate, but wont be planning too much around GSL."
And last but not least, how do you see your chances at the Global Finals at the end of the year?

"Like I mentioned I think GSL vs The World was a good sign, but at the same time Koreans probably will be studying and preparing for me better there now because of this. I think I can win the Global Finals but I might just aswell lose in the groupstage, but I like my chances to do well there."

We wish Serral the best of luck for his upcoming tournaments, and a heartfelt congratulations for his achievements this year.

Heading into the 7th year with Serral

With six years of shared history behind us, we are happy to announce that Joona “Serral” Sotala has re-signed his contract with ENCE for the year 2022.

Serral extends his contract with ENCE for 2021

ENCE is happy to announce that Serral has re-signed his contract and will continue to represent the team for the upcoming year!

ENCE renews contract with Serral

ENCE and Joona “Serral” Sotala have renewed the player contract for yet another exciting year. The StarCraft 2 World Champion has represented ENCE for the most significant parts of his career, and values the continuity and community the Finnish team brings into his life.