Introducing ENCE Rainbow Six Roster

News 5.7.2017

Welcome Rainbow Six

Today we are very excited to announce the latest addition to the ENCE family with the all new Rainbow Six team. Formerly known as GiFu the six man lineup will now be playing under the ENCE name as they compete in various leagues and tournaments around the world. Ubisoft has shown great support for the game and has even created an R6 Pro League in which the team currently competes in the EU region.

They have already established themselves as one of the best teams in the scene and now we are looking to help them take that next step towards becoming thee best. We are always excited when we take a new step into another eSport game and R6 is no different. We had a chance to speak with team captain Willkey as well as natu on the roster pickup

Niklas ‘Willkey’ Ojalainen

We are excited to be joining ENCE eSports as their Rainbow Six Siege team. This is our way of making the next step towards winning the championship and we feel that on board with a Finnish flagship eSport organization we have real chance to improve ourselves to the next level and proudly represent Finland as a whole at eSports arenas.

Joona ‘natu’ Leppänen

Today marks a new chapter for ENCE, as we are expanding to a new title with Rainbow Six. After our discussions with GiFu, we soon realized both parties shared the same vision of moving Finnish eSports forward. That along with the fact that the team has had great success in the game and Ubisoft has shown it wants to support the game as an eSport moving forward it made the negotiation an easier task. We’re also very happy to see a team with so much community support and its own fans to be integrated as a part of our family.

We hope that ENCE fans will welcome the new roster and cheer them on as they compete in the Pro League as well as other events. We would also like to welcome all the new fans that the team will bring with them and we hope you continue to support them under their new name.

You will be able to catch the teams first game under the ENCE name tomorrow (July 6th) as they continue their Pro League group stages. We look forward to working together and hope to achieve many great titles within the Rainbow Six eSport.