Inside ENCE: Documentary

News 17.1.2019

Monday 14th of January saw the release of a documentary by YLE and directed by Tommi Hakko, telling the story of our CS:GO lineup starting from the beginning in April. The 30 minute documentary takes the viewer on a journey in different countries at different events where the team competed.

The storyline is centered on the teams veteran player Aleksi “allu” Jalli and the new prodigy, 16-year old Jere “sergej” Salo. Aleksi is a mentor for all of the players in the lineup, but most of all to the youngest member of the squad, who in 2017 already showcased his potential and with ENCE in 2018 started to fulfill it. See how Jere’s parents and family support him as he has to take decisions regarding his education and how he wants to prioritize things currently.

“Now I understand, why teams break up so easily. Every individual player has an important role in a team, it’s like a well orchestrated machine. One player leaving might mess up the chemistry completely. You can’t just put anyone in there, because it might not work.” 

“Team spirit needs to be very high in order to be successful. I was struck by the need of being able to handle high pressure [when following them]. I hope people realize, how much hard work it takes for these guys to succeed.”, comments Director of the documentary Tommi Hakko to Ilta-Sanomat esports (in Finnish)

Starting the climb from world ranking #187, the documentary gives an exclusive insight into the growth story of the team and all the adversity they have to overcome in order to become a well drilled machine.

Inside ENCE: With English subtitles

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