ENCE welcomes Niklas "Willkey" Ojalainen as GM

News 4.9.2019

Today we are thrilled to announce a return of a familiar face into the ENCE family. Niklas “Willkey” Ojalainen is coming home and will be working as General Manager in the organization as of today

Niklas is a very well known figure and a veteran in the Rainbow Six: Siege community. He initially joined ENCE in the summer of 2017 together with his R6S lineup to represent the organization in Pro League and other international tournaments of the game. Most memorably he along with the team brought the organization a Rainbow Six Pro League title in November of 2017.

Niklas attended Assembly Summer 2019 with us hosting the ENCE truck

Now Niklas has decided to take a step back from active playing role after his latest tenure in mousesports came to an end and is now coming into our organization working as General Manager. ENCE has seen massive growth in all fronts throughout 2019 which also demands us to make moves back at the office to make sure we can cater to our players in the best possible way. Bringing in the knowledge and experience Niklas has from his lengthy career is going to help us tremendously with handling player matters.

“”It feels so good to make this announcement. I don’t like to say never, but at least for the moment I will be hanging my gaming mouse from professional gaming. Maybe I will return later to veteran gaming league 😄, but from this moment onwards I shall continue my journey on the field of esports in a different way. I’m really pleased to announce that I will be returning home to ENCE esports. I will handle the title of General Manager at ENCE. My duties will be concentrated on our current and future esports teams by helping them out in every possible way. I’m super excited to show what I can do behind the curtain to help out the Finnish esports scene and make it even greater #EZ4ENCE”, says Niklas Ojalainen, General Manager at ENCE


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