ENCE Welcome Tombha as Content Host

News 22.3.2019

Today ENCE are excited to welcome Tomi ‘Tombha’ Rinne to the organisation as a Content Host. Most in the Finnish Esports community will know Tomi from his Overwatch casting as well as other various events and we are happy to bring his talent into ENCE.

Tomi will be helping the organisation by providing his skills as a host and caster to bring you coverage and entertainment directly from ENCE. Our focus is bringing a truckload of content for our fans and followers to enjoy and Tomi will be helping us out keeping the energy levels always running high.

“Content is a key component for ENCE in 2019 and moving forward. We want to take all of you along the ride with us to really see what it’s all about. I’m happy to have Tomi join us to enable us be more diverse with the type of stuff we’ll create. We started by making “Behind The Scenes” content and moving foward, we want to create all kinds of stuff for your delight!”, says Joona “natu” Leppänen, Marketing Director, ENCE


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