ENCE partners with Bitfactor

News 17.9.2019

Bifactor joins ENCE to help the leading Finnish esports organization serve its global fan base better

Press release 17th of September, 2019

ENCE’s competitive success and growth through 2019 has been recognized globally. While the majority of the fans are based in Finland, international following is growing faster than expected: ENCE’s content is already popular worldwide. Our recently launched new clothing collection is also available globally at http://shop.ence.gg.

ENCE wants to provide every fan, regardless of the geographical location, the same opportunity to follow their journey. To make this happen, ENCE has joined forces with Bitfactor.

“ENCE is proud to start working with an award winning digital agency Bitfactor”, says Mika Kuusisto, CEO of ENCE. “Our vision to become one of the leading esports organisation in the world requires my team to serve our global and fast growing fan base seamlessly. Bitfactor’s proven ability to build digital experiences to global brands will tremendously help on that mission.”

Bitfactor has an impressive track record on developing digital experiences in various fields. Kimmo Heikkilä, Bitfactor CMO, calls partnership with the Finnish esports flagship a “dream come true”.

“Bitfactor is very thrilled and excited about this partnership. Every project and customer is naturally equally important to us but there is definitely something special with this project with ENCE. We are award winners in digital service creation but we are also gamers. Together with ENCE we will not “rush B” but bring something different – unexpected and unforgettable experiences – for esport fans to enjoy all around the world.”

Bitfactor is ENCE’s new partner providing digital services to better serve our global fanbase

ENCE is Finland’s best known and the most successful esports organization originally launched in 2013, housing players in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Starcraft II, Hearthstone and PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS.

Bitfactor is a digital agency creating services with deep understanding and know-how in business, design, analytics and technology.

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