Rainbow Six Giveaway Winners

Post 9.8.2017

Legend Series Season 1 Coverage

Coverage 9.8.2017

Coverage from the new Overwatch Legend Series Season 1

Recap of Assembly

Post 8.8.2017

Recap of Assembly

ASUS ROG Assembly Coverage

Coverage 2.8.2017

ENCE + ASUS ROG at Assembly Summer 2017 = A lot of action

News 2.8.2017

This summer ASUS and Republic of Gamers will have their coolest booth yet at Assembly. Enter the world of ROG and come and try out all of our new awesome products. Bring your friends and compete in a 3vs3 Overwatch Tournament or showcase your skill in CS:GO solo FFA Tournament for a chance to win nice ROG products. You can also just hang out and get free slush drinks and enjoy gaming. Do not miss your chance to join the Republic at the ASUS ROG booth!

GSL vs The World Coverage

Coverage 1.8.2017

It is that time of the year again where we see the best foreigners try their chances at the Korean superstars of Starcraft II. The event which will see eight foreigners travel to Seoul, South Korea to face off against the eight best players in the country.

ENCE at Assembly

News 30.7.2017

Assembly returns once again for a summer outing and that means not only is there a huger LAN party but some of the best eSports in the country. ENCE will be there in full force for the eSports events but also special fan events throughout the weekend

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