Ence CS:GO

Counter-Strike is one of the biggest esports games franchises in the history of esports. It is the 4th iteration after the original, Condition Zero and CS: Source, having being released in 2012. CS:GO brought Counter-Strike back to being one of the main stay titles in the competitive field and it is especially followed game in Finland, all of Europe and North America.

ENCE came back to CS:GO in April of 2018 with a lineup named as “the best combination of young and hungry talents”. Their sole goal is to bring Finland back on the map in the game.


Team Staff


On March 5th 2019 ENCE entered the world of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) with the signing of roster o1ne. PUBG, one of the most successful Battle Royales would introduce its very own League in the form of PUBG European League (PEL) which will see the best of the best battle it out through a multi phase league to determine a champion.

ENCE PUBG are located in Berlin where they will compete in the first ever PEL for the 2019 season.

Team Staff

Ence Starcraft 2

Starcraft II is part of the reason why esports is what it is today. It is considered the most demanding esports game out there, often compared to chess. A game that requires exceptionally fast mechanical skills, but also the ability to think on your feet, Starcraft II is already a legendary Real Time Strategy game that delivers some of the best esports moments globally.

Ence Hearthstone

Developer Blizzard surprised everyone with this card based eSport which has taken the world by storm since launch. The ENCE team is represented by Creapz and Kufdon, two players who consistently rank in the Legend tier as well representing team Finland in various tournaments.