Niklas Ojalainen

Age: 31
Location: Lahti, Fi

 “Sometimes Niklas gets to be a “babysitter” with these guys, but he keeps showing in the game that age doesn’t always matter.”
Mikko “ProtaX” Mutanen, Team Manager


“Captain, probably the only adult in the team, who leads with example”
Aleksi “UUNO” Työppönen, Teammate



Niklas is a loved and admired personality in the Rainbow Six: Siege community. He has been through thick and thin from the very beginning of Rainbow Six esports as he has played in every single Pro League season to date. Being the captain of GiFu, who joined ENCE in the summer of 2017, he has done the duties of ingame leader through the teams history. Niklas along with his teammates finally won the Pro League in November of 2017, but he is still hungry for more success as the game keeps growing.

Career highlights

Quarter Finalist Six Invitational 2018
Champion ESL Pro League Y2S3
Quarter Finalist ESL Pro League Y2S2
Champion Nordic Championship
Quarter Finalist ESL Pro League Y2S1
Semi Finalist Six Invitational 2017
Champion Nordic Invitational
Semi Finalist ESL Pro League Y1S3
Semi Finalist ESL Pro League Y1S2
Runner up ESL Pro League Y1S1