Miikka Kemppi

Miikka is one of Finland’s most talented aimers, who strives from taking fair duels. He is one of ENCE’s entry fraggers cleaning up bombsites. He was part of the original ENCE lineup back in 2013 and has since grown into becoming one of the biggest prospects in Finland.


  • 2ndASUS ROG Winter
    2016ENCE eSports
  • 1stOperation: Kinguin
    2016ENCE eSports
  • 3rdASUS ROG Summer
    2016ENCE eSports
  • 1steSM CS:GO
    2016ENCE eSports
  • 1stASUS ROG Nordic Challenge

Gear & Settings

  • MouseSteelSeries Rival 100
    • DPI 500
    • In-game sens. 2.44
    • Windows sens. 6/11
    • Polling rate 1000 Hz

  • MousepadXtrfy XTP1 ENCE mousepad

  • MonitorASUS VG248QE
    • Refresh Rate 144 Hz
    • Resolution 1024×768
    • Black Bars

  • KeyboardXtrfy XG-K2-RGB-R (MX Red)
  • HeadsetASUS ROG Orion PRO
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