Jere Salo


Age: 16
Location: Inkeroinen, Fi

 “Named as the biggest CS:GO talent in the Finland, Jere is a player that many started putting their eye on both domestically and internationally last year. Incredibly talented young man, who is most definitely going to be a fan favourite in ENCE.”
Joona “natu” Leppänen



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2017 was a breakthrough year for Jere, who had his first chance to play against better international competition in HAVU during the year. Now he is an important part of ENCE’s new lineup and has the potential to elevate his game to a totally new level.

Career highlights

Champion StarSeries i-League Season 6
Champion Finnish Championship 2018
Champion Finnish Esports League Season 3
Champion ROG Masters 2017 – Nordic
Champion Nordic Championship Season 1
Champion ESPORTS 2017 Finals
Champion Nordic esports Academy (NeSA) 2017