Robin Sjölund

Age: 25
Location: Kemiö, FI

“Robin will make a great addition to the team standings roster. He’s been a solid player in the finnish scene for a long time now with some international results as well. Glad to have him on board.”
Antti “Kufdon” Lammi



Robin started in playing Hearthstone in 2013 and until 2015 he thought it would be only a free time hobby. After founding out that competitive gaming could be a possibility for him he quickly achieved some good results in online tournaments and continued to a few big tournaments such as WESG Europe and Dreamhack Winter. As a player, he mostly enjoys to play fatigue/combo decks. But if the meta requires it, there is always a good opportunity to SMOrc some people down.


Digitality X
4th Finnish Championships 2018
5-8th Dreamhack Winter 2017