Xtrfy & ENCE launch XTP1 ENCE mousepad

News 8.8.2016

ENCE eSports is known as Finland’s leading eSports organization and houses the first-ever Finnish CS:GO team with full-time pro players. After announcing their partnership earlier this year, Xtrfy and ENCE now unveil a co-branded gaming product. The mousepad that the players use themselves is now being released in a redesigned ENCE edition.

“We’re happy to have the team onboard and we’re excited to introduce the XTP1 ENCE teampad. We’ve received numerous requests from gamers asking for this specific product”, says Erik Jensen, Co-founder of Xtrfy.

The XTP1 is a high-performing cloth mousepad. The advanced weaving structure of the surface is designed to provide great glide and super-precise tracking for both laser and optical mice, while the natural rubber base promises to keep the pad perfectly still during the most intense moments of gaming. The size of the pad is Large (460 x 400 x 4 mm), providing plenty of room for both high and low mouse sensitivity settings.

“The mouse and mousepad are the most important pieces of equipment for me as a player. The XTP1 is comfortable, the glide feels natural and consistent, and it doesn’t wear even when you play for many hours a day. The durability on this thing is amazing”, says Aleksi “allu” Jalli, professional CS:GO player and Team Captain of ENCE eSports.



The mousepad will be available in stores this fall and pre-ordered on www.jimms.fi.