WESG 2018 Preview

Post 4.3.2019

World Electronic Sports Games 2018 is just around the corner! Serral is travelling to Chongqing, China, to represent Finland and compete in the tournament with a $240,000 prize pool.

After placing 5th-8th in IEM Katowice last weekend, Serral is hungry to show he can do better. The tournament begins on March 11th, and the Grand Finals are played on the 17th. He will play in Group A, which is arguably one of the most challenging groups of Group Stage 1. Besides Serral, it features Neeb, ShoWTimE, MaSa, Harstem and msrm. Recently, we haven’t seen many Protoss players compete against Serral but he did defeat Harstem 2-0 in WCS Winter EU in February.

In WESG, each player represents their own country while competing. Can Serral claim the Championship for Finland? // Credit: WESG.com

IEM Katowice didn’t go my way so I’m eager to do well at WESG. Slightly worried for my group since I didn’t really need to prepare for protosses in IEM and I haven’t been able to play too much after since I got sick.

Anyways I’m fairly confident I can get far and show good games but time is going to show that.


Last year WESG was held in Haikou, China. Serral competed in the First Group Stage against ShoWTimE, Minato and Has. The first Group Stage went smoothly for Serral, and he advanced to the second one without dropping a map. The pattern continued there, and he ended up taking three 3-0 victories against Elazer, Bly and Lambo. In the Quarterfinals Neeb also fell 3-0 to Serral. The tables were turned when he ran into Maru in the Semifinals, knocking Serral down to the Third-place Match with a 0-3. Serral took home $40,000 after getting revenge against Classic by winning 3-1.

In WESG 2017, Serral placed 3rd defeating players like Neeb and Classic and took home $40,000 // Credit: WESG.com



  • Round of 48 Round-Robin Group Stage:
    • All matches are Bo3.
    • Top 2 players of each group advance to the Playoffs.
    • Ties are solved as follows:
      • Two-player tie: head-to-head result;
      • Three-player tie: map score, match score among tied players, map score among tied players, bo1 tie-breakers (in that order).
  • 16 players Playoffs Stage:
    • Single-elimination bracket.
    • All matches are Bo5 except Finals which are Bo7.

Prize pool

Place $USD
1st $150,000
2nd $40,000
3rd $20,000
        4th $10,000

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