Welcome Tuutsi, our new Overwatch analyst!

News 29.6.2017

ENCE Welcome Tuutsi

On the back of the Vectorama victory for the Overwatch team, we are now expanding the team even further by adding Mikko ‘Tuutsi’ Kamppari. Mikko will be acting as the part of the coaching staff as he takes on the role of Head Analyst for the team. Having already worked with the guys at the boot camp for the eSM qualifiers at Vectorama we are excited to be adding him to the roster moving forward.

We had a chance to sit down with Tuutsi, Trickwide and elfi to discuss the addition of a new Head Analyst and what it means for the team in the future.

Mikko ‘Tuutsi‘ Kamppari – Head Analyst

I’m Mikko Kamppari, 27 years old and living in Pori. I started playing in 2004 and was an active player until 2016. Everything started from MOHAA and I’ve played various games and on the competitive side I focused on Counter-Strike and League of Legends. When Overwatch was published I started playing with my friends, my plan was to play once again seriously, but I quickly noticed that I might not have enough energy to put in the hours needed to get into high level. I decided to step down from competitive play and shortly after my friend asked for help on recording bird’s eye view VODs, at that point I felt like that coaching/analyst job could be my thing as eSports has always been close to my heart. From that time I’ve tried to develop myself to be a coach/analyst and be part of something big.

My job is focused going on VOD analyzing that elfi records from practice sessions. He brings me samples that I analyze closely and point out specific details to follow or situations to find solutions. I have been following the team for a month now and noticed that the team have very good frames to work with and experienced coach Samuli “elfi” Sihvonen, with who it is pleasant to work with. The team is in right direction for taking the next step.

Ville ‘Trickwide‘ Saastamoinen – Team Captain

Tuutsi came along during our boot camp before VectoramaLAN and eSM qualifiers. His analysis about our weaknesses, strengths and other gameplay related stuff have helped us achieve a lot within the span of few weeks. There’s no denying that his work has played an instrumental part in our Vectorama and ESL Go4Overwatch victories. Welcome aboard officially!

Samuli ‘elfi‘ Sihvonen

Our Overwatch coaching team is taking next step as Tuutsi joins our forces and takes analyst position. I have a great feeling to get a competent guy to work with us. At the beginning of my Overwatch career, Tuutsi helped me to understand the game much better. Even on our current meetings, I have noticed that we now have a guy with us, who is light years ahead of me on game understanding, it promises good to our team. We still have a month until Assembly and Tuutsi provide speed to our development and hopefully, at Assembly, we have reached the point where we can fight seriously for 1st place in Finland. There’s still lot to do and now its time to get back into work.

We are excited with the progress of the team and feel it will only continue to grow with the new addition of Tuutsi. With continuous Go4OW tournaments and the upcoming eSM finals that take place at Assembly this summer, we look forward to seeing the strength of the team. We hope that everyone will continue to cheer them on.