Welcome Sua & Chibu

News 10.9.2018

Welcome to Sua & Chibulis

Today we are happy to announce two new additions to the ENCE organisation as we look to expand with the growth of our teams. With the recent success of our Counter-Strike team and Serral as well as the growth of our other teams/players we are looking to extend our reach as an organisation and ensure we can bring you the best that ENCE has to offer.

We would like to welcome to the organisation Kevin ‘Sua’ Stahnke and Toni ‘Chibulis’ Jarkima.

Kevin ‘Sua’ Stahnke

Kevin will be joining the Rainbow Six Siege team as an Analyst where he will be spending time with the team helping them reclaim their glory. Kevin has previous experience having played for Penta Academy (Y1), Panthers and Sprout as well as previous CSGO T2 German teams.

I am really happy and proud to be the first ever dedicated coach for ENCE R6 and I am looking in to a bright future for team and myself with focus on fighting for a Pro League slot in the upcoming Challenger League. I am really thankful for this opportunity and i will do my best to help the team reaching it goals.

Toni ‘Chibulis’ Jarkima

Toni will be joining the management side of ENCE to help with various elements of the organisation. He will be helping with Marketing, Sales and other expanding parts of the organisation.

After leaving my position in SEUL it was time to take a few months off. During that time I ended up talking with ENCE as I’ve known most of the guys for a long time. As the head of Finnish championships I realized that having an international level team is essential to the national competition. From that perspective it was a fairly easy choice to get on board again and bring my expertise in project management to the table.

We would like to welcome both new members and look forward to all the work we do together and hope the fans will cheer them on too.

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