WCS Summer 2019 Preview

Post 9.7.2019

The WCS Spring Champion Serral returns this weekend to Kyiv to compete against the best foreigners. Two out of four circuit stops have already concluded, one going to the Italian Zerg player Reynor, and one to Joona. Can he snatch yet another WCS title, or is it time to hand the crown forwards?

Lately, Serral has shown to everyone that the Year of Serral did not end in 2018. Claiming the WCS Spring Championship impressively with a 4-0 score against SpeCial, established his spot at the top of the foreigners loud and clear. Recently he got a chance to go head to head against the Koreans, winning his second Homestory Cup in a row. On his way to becoming the champion, he took down players such as soO and TY.

But the road hasn’t been all smooth sailing. Some players are rising to the challenge stronger than last year. Here are a few examples of matchups that can provide some entertaining series in the upcoming tournament!

Only a week ago Serral battled his way to victory in Homestory Cup XIX

Serral vs ShoWTimE

ShoWTimE is, on his good days, arguably the second best player in Europe currently, proven by his multiple accounts reaching MMR around 7,1-7,2k. He has high finishes in the Major and Premier tournaments along with his career. The German Protoss struggles a little with his in-game mentality, giving Serral often the upper hand if he can catch an early lead in the series. Serral has stated recently that his current toughest matchup is ZvP.

Serral vs Reynor

Reynor is an obvious candidate on this list. He was the first European to make a dent in Serral’s record by winning the WCS Winter Championship. ZvZ is a notable matchup for this young Italian, and he benefits a lot from daring risk-taking. If those risks work out, they could lead into Serral’s demise.

Serral vs uThermal

uThermal is a dark horse in the tournament. His latest results haven’t shown too much of what he can do. However, when everything works out for him, he’s able to perform miracles. He might say according to his own words to be having a slump, but as a player, he can recover and come back stronger than ever. uThermal has a lot of potential in him, and even if he wouldn’t take a series against Serral in WCS Summer, he will surely give us some entertaining games.

Serral and his dog are feeling the (WCS) summer spirit // Credit: Matti Matikainen, seiska.fi

 Travelling to Kiev in a couple of days, excited as usual and expecting a good tournament like the last one which was organized fine. Practice has been going pretty good again lately even though I have been still struggling a bunch against protoss in some game stages. Ideally I’d like to dodge couple of those but at the same time pretty confident no matter who my opponent is. Anyways I’ll try my best and lets see where it takes me!


Third Group Stage:

  • 16 players from the Second Group Stage;
  • 16 players from Qualifiers.
  • 8 groups of 4 players each, played in a Dual Tournament Format.
  • All Matches are Bo3.
  • Top 2 players of each group advance to the playoffs.
  • Players who take first place in Group Stage 3 advance to the playoffs Round of 16.
  • Players who take second place in Group Stage 3 advance to the playoffs Round of 24.
  • Players who take third place in Group Stage 3 drop to the Knockout Bracket Round 6.
  • Players who take fourth place in Group Stage 3 drop to the Knockout Bracket Round 5.

Knockout Brackets:

  • 8 Single-elimination Brackets, consisting of 6 Rounds each.
  • Each Bracket starts with 2 players who took fourth place in Group Stage 1 and 2 players who took third place in Group Stage 1.
  • From Round 3 onwards each Round 1 Player drops from the Group stages into the Knockout Bracket (per Knockout Bracket).
  • All Matches are Bo3, except for Round 6, which will be Bo5.
  • The Winner of each Knockout Bracket will advance to the playoffs Round of 12.


  • 24 players in a single-elimination bracket.
  • Round of 24 to Semifinals are played in Bo5.
  • Finals are played in Bo7.


Place $USD Seed WCS Global Pts
1st $20,000 WCS Global Finals 3,000
2nd $10,000 1,400
3rd-4th $6,000 900
5th-8th $4,000 600


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