WCS Global Playoffs - Serral Coverage

Post 27.10.2017

Serral finishes 3rd in Group D

SERRAL 1-2 GuMiho


The biggest StarCraft II event of the year is upon us as the WCS Global Playoffs kick off this weekend in Los Angeles on October 27-29, 2017. ENCE is proud to be a part of the spectacle as our star player Serral has managed to earn his way into the tournament by placing 3rd in the WCS ranking this year. The tournament includes the top eight players from both the WCS and Korean tournament circuits battling for a $700,000 prize pool, the biggest in SC2 history.

The young Finn has had great performances in the WCS circuit this year. He was the best non-Korean at IEM World Championship. He was the runner-up in WCS Jönköping, and placed among the top eight in all the other offline WCS events. He also managed to win two out of the four European WCS Challenger online tournaments. All in all, Serral has cemented his place among the best players outside of Korea. Now it is time to take one step further and make his mark against the best of the best, the Korean veterans.

The tournament ahead is undoubtedly the biggest challenge Serral has faced yet, but luckily he is well prepared. Last month we managed to send Serral to Korea for three weeks to get him the best practice he possibly can. He trained hard in a team house with fellow non-Koreans while climbing to rank one in the Korean Grandmaster league, most prestigious ladder there is, making sure to let everyone know he is not to be taken lightly. To read more about Serral’s time in Korea, head over to his three-part blog.

Serral is placed in Group D with three Koreans: TRUE, GuMiho and INnoVation. In the opening match on Saturday, October 28, roughly at 22:00 EET, Serral will face GuMiho, who is known for his unorthodox Terran style. If our young Zerg player takes the victory, he will continue the tournament on Sunday in the winners match at 21:00 EET. However, in case of a defeat, Serral will play the elimination match later on Saturday.


Group D will play according to the schedule below:

Saturday, Oct 28
~21:00 EET – TRUE vs INnoVation
~22:00 EET – Serral vs GuMiho
~00:00 EET – Losers match

Sunday, Oct 29
~21:00 EET – Winners match
~01:00 EET – Decider match


Starcraft2.fi talked to Serral before the big event to ask about how he is doing and what he thinks about the matches ahead. You can read the original Finnish interview here.

Q: How was you trip to Korea? What did you gain?
A: There were talks about going to Korea already before I started playing full-time. The year has been busy and it has been hard to find a suitable moment when competitions and practice would have allowed this month long trip to Korea. In Korea I mainly got better against Terran which is what I needed. Of course the trip helped in other matchups too. Korean Zergs and Protosses have very different styles compares to European players so getting used to that probably helps.

Q: In what form are you currently?
A: My practice games have been going well and I have been able to focus in certain matchups.

Q: What do you think about your group in WCS Global Playoffs and about its players INnoVation, GuMiho, TRUE?
A: All four groups are hard and it’s a challenge to advance from any of them. However, there is a clear favorite in each group. I believe that I have decent chance to advance if I manage to play on my current level. Both TRUE and GuMiho are totally beatable, also INnoVation but he will be the biggest challenge.

Q: What is your goal in the tournament?
A: My goal is to advance from my group. Afterwards, if I’m still in, I will go one game at a time.

Q: Do you have anyone going with you to USA as your support?
A: My father is with me cheering and helping me the best he can.

Q: How do you think the foreign players are going to fare against the Koreans?
A: I believe that Neeb, Elazer and I have the best chances to advance from the group stage, but I also believe that every foreigner has a chance to win games and matches against the Koreans.

Q: Anything to add?
A: Follow the tournament and keep your fingers crossed.