WCS Global Finals Group Stage Preview

News 23.10.2018

WCS Global Finals Group Stage Preview

The moment we’ve all been waiting for has arrived. The Global Finals for StarCraft 2 start on 26th of October to 3rd of November! Serral heads to Anaheim as one of the favorites to win the tournament. His year has been phenominal, and the Global Finals are the last proving ground for our Finnish Zerg. Serral enters the tournament with a unbelievable WCS Circuit score of 14 090. To put it in perspective, it is more points than ShoWTimE, SpeCial, Neeb and HeRoMaRinE have combined. There is no time to chill, as the tournament kicks off with an intimidating group stage phase. Already half of the 16 players, who all belong to the world’s elite, will be dropped out. Serral competes in Group B, going up against sOs, Zest and HeRoMaRinE.

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We sat down with Serral to get his thoughts on going into this years Blizzcon after such a successful year on the WCS circuit.

The highlight of the year is approaching. How do you feel about your current form, and how has your preparation for the Global Finals went?

I think my form is around the same what it has been for the past year. My preparations have been going well, I have been practicing a ton of ZvPs with 2 protosses in my group but also maintained my other two matchups

There has been a lot of discussion about balance lately. How is it currently in your opinion?

Well there’s has always been a lot of discussion about the balance of the game, not much has changed. I don’t really have an opinion on the balance but I wouldn’t say its all too bad. Terran still is the hardest to play to some extent which makes a lot of European terrans struggle.

Many people claim that StarCraft 2 is at its peak so far player skill-wise. Do you agree?

Yes players are better than ever, just because everyone gets better all the time. On the other hand we probably have less players at the top level then we used to.

You have an amazing year behind you. Are there any specific series/games you remember as the highlight?

Not really any specific series that comes to mind but I’d say GSL vs The World comes up as the most memorable event. If I had to pick some series it would probably be the matches against INnoVatioN and Dark. It’s the first time I felt like I won very strong koreans with pure skill.

You’re in the group as sOs, Zest, and HeRoMaRiNe. What are your thoughts on your opponents and your chances against them?

Most of the players at the Global Finals are very good and so is everyone in my group. I’m facing sOs first and I’m going very confident into that series since I feel like I have gotten the right kind of practice for him.

How about overall, which competitors do you feel like will go far in the tournament?

 From the foreigner side I think SpeCial is good at preparation tournaments and he had a good run last year already. Also I think ShoWTimE, Neeb and Lambo has a chance to do well, but latter two have a very hard group so we’ll see. From Korean side I think pretty much anyone can get a deep run. I think Classic might do very well if he gets PvT and PvP but obviously Maru, TY, Dark, Rogue are all absolutely insane.

You’ve gathered quite the collection of trophies on your wall this year. What would winning Blizzcon mean to you?

Obviously it would mean a lot but haven’t really thought about it all too much.

We wish the best of success to Joona as he heads to Anaheim this week!

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