WCS Global Finals Preview

Post 2.11.2018

WCS Global Finals Preview

World Championship Series Global Finals started last weekend when 16 players faced each other in the Group Stage phase. Only 8 of them earned the chance to play in the Main Event at BlizzCon on November 2nd-4th. As common in StarCraft 2, majority of the advanced players were Korean: Maru, sOs, Stats, Rogue, TY, and Dark. From WCS Circuit contenders, Serral is joined by SpeCial as two of the foreign hopes.

Serral’s tournament run couldn’t have started off better. First he 2-0’d his first opponent sOs, who everyone thought to be one of the few able to give Serral a hard time. Afterwards, he faced Zest in the winner’s match of the group. Even though Zest is a formiddable player, Serral’s overall score against him tells the story – The Finn is currently 4-0 in matches against the Korean Protoss. These two solid matches resulted in Serral advancing first from his group to the Main Event!

We were able to catch Serral among his busy preparations for the Global Finals to answer a few questions:

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You advanced first from your group after going against sOs and Zest, who were both top contenders in the tournament. Tell me a little about those matches.

There isn’t too much to tell about my matches against sOs. In the first game, he failed his cannon rush and second game I got a very good read on what he was doing and just defended his attack properly. I was very confident against Zest, I know how he likes to play in general. We just played a normal first game in which I was in a good spot all the time. Second game I got a bit surprised by his phoenixes and decided to punish him which he did not expect.

Does the impressive score give you a confidence boost for the main event?

No, it doesnt give me too much of a confidence boost. I was expecting to get out of the group and that’s what I did.

In your winner’s interview, you said you don’t look to avoid any player. But who would you like the most to have against you if you advance to the Finals?

Yeah, I’m not too worried about anyone specifically. Everyone is good at this point. I Haven’t really though who I would like to face in the finals since I’m trying to just get there first myself.

Your opponent in the Ro8 will be Dark, how do you feel about the state of your ZvZ and your chances against him?

I think I have good chance against Dark. I’m confident in my ZvZ still and I feel like I know what to do in most scenarios. He does play a bit differently to what I’m used to in EU but I do know the Korean ZvZ pretty well.

Torilla tavataan?

We will see about that.


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