WCS Global Finals Coverage

Coverage 25.10.2019


SERRAL 2-3 Reynor



The highlight of the StarCraft 2 year is here. The Global Finals begin on the 24th of October. Serral returns to defend his World Champion title, will he be able to claim the trophy two years in a row?

The competition is rough from the start, as Serral has been placed in “The Group of Death” with incredibly skilled players, such as Maru, TIME, and Stats. The Finnish Phenom has gone head to head against each of them in thrillingly close series. Last, Stats claimed the victory over Serral in the ASUS ROG 2019 competition in August. In the same tournament, TIME put up a resilient fight against Serral in a Bo5 series, which Serral won in the end 3-2. Serral vs. Maru is the matchup that almost everyone is eager to see, both being among the best of the best in the game. Maru currently stands 4th in points among the Koreans.

The Global Finals are organized in two parts this year. The first part is the Group Stage, which takes place in Seoul on the 24th – 27th of October. Then two players from each group travel to BlizzCon in Anaheim to compete in the Playoffs stage.


Main event

  • Global Playoffs (Round of 16)
    • Four groups of four players (two players from WCS Korea, two players from WCS Circuit)
    • Players seeded by their WCS Korea/Circuit points.
    • Dual tournament format
    • Matches are Bo5
    • Top 2 players of each group advance to the Global Finals.
  • Global Finals (Round of 8)
    • Single-elimination Bracket.
    • All matches are Bo5  except Finals which are Bo7


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