WCS Challenger Valencia Preview

Post 11.6.2018


There is no rest for our WCS Austin champion, as it’s time to kick off the Challenger for the next WCS Circuit stop in Valencia. Starting on June 13th, Serral will compete in the Qualifier that consists of a Group Stage with four groups and Playoffs, from where the top 4 will advance to the main event.

Because of his performance in the previous events, Serral was directly invited to the Group Stage of the qualifier. There is no doubt that Serral is found to be the favorite to win it all. The only question is, will anybody be able to take a few map wins from him along the way?

We sat down with Serral to talk about how he was feeling about his upcoming matches.

Congratulations on the win! Now that you have two Championship titles under your name, how do you feel heading into Valencia?

Thanks! I head to Valencia feeling the same as I did for the two first WCS events. My goal is to win it, but I’m going to take it game by game and not spend my time worrying about the rest. Pressure to perform well hasn’t increased that much for me, although people certainly have greater expectations of me now. It would, of course, be nice to get a third one of those trophies on my bookshelf.

As we saw in Austin, you played most of the tournament entirely on your own level. What do you think gives you the edge in competitions and practice compared to the other players?

I always have high confidence that I am better than my opponent, that’s why I mainly like to play it safe and move on to the late game, even if I’d be a bit behind. I’ve also started to use all-in strategies more often, and with that, I’ve been able to surprise my opponents. I think we all have the same instruments to prepare for tournaments and I have no advantages over anyone there.

Which players do you see as the biggest threats to you on your way to win the EU Challenger?

The biggest threats are probably ShoWTimE and uThermal, also many of the zergs are really good. However, I’m confident against everyone.

Any small words to the fans?

Nothing else but thanks to all the fans for the support!

Tournament Info

Groups Stage

From June 13, 2018 – 16:00 CEST to June 17 2018 – 16:00 CEST
Double-elimination group stage.
All matches are best-of-three.
Top 8 advance to the final Playoffs.


June 23, 2018 – 13:00 CEST
Single-elimination playoffs.
All matches are best-of-five, except for the Finals, which will be best-of-seven.
Top 4 advance to the Main Event.

Prize Pool

1st: $1,600 and 200 WCS Circuit Points
2nd: $1,200 and 140 WCS Circuit Points
3rd-4th: $800 and 90 WCS Circuit Points