WardiTV Team Liquid Map Contest

Coverage 18.9.2017

Grand-final – Serral 7-8 soO


WardiTV brings a new tournament to Starcraft II in partnership with Team Liquid. The Map contest will see 16 players come together to battle it out across 15 maps in the game to determine who is the master of maps. Serral will be competing in Group D along side Solar, ByuN and Has where he will have to place in top 2 in order to make it through to the playoffs. Unlike other tournaments the rules and scale of the tournament are quite different.

  • Group stages will be Round Robin – Top 2 qualify to playoffs
  • Playoffs will be single elimination

The playoffs however will be Best of 5, best of 7 and then Best of 15 for the finals, however all 15 maps will be played in the final regardless of score. There will be a $4000 prize pool for the tournament with first place taking $1000, the finalists will also win $50 per map won in the Best of 15.