Under Siege: Smoke

Post 28.9.2017

Under Siege: Smoke

We return to the Under Siege series with the next operator to go under the microscope. Smoke will be our second operator as well as our first defensive operator that we will take a look at. Joining us to give their in depth answers on the operator is one of our Rainbow Six Pro players Jouni ‘Bounssi’ Salo who is most notable for playing Smoke for the team.

What role does Smoke play within the team?

Smoke is one of the best anchor operators in the game still with his current kit. Barbed wires to slow enemies down, 3 smoke grenades that deny enemies access to the bomb site for approx~40seconds if you time the smokes right, 1 smoke lasts 10 seconds. A shotgun for close range fights and the secondary SMG-11 for medium and long range fights. If your eyesight is good enough;)

What is the best way to play Smoke to fully use their strengths?

One of the best ways is to hold the site with him and not make too many aggressive plays so the team doesn’t lose him in the start because Smokes grenades are game savers in some situations. Just fall back and throw your smokes to the entrance where you know the enemy is gonna come from is the best way to use his utility. Using shotgun on smoke is the best option for making rotation holes for your teams roamers and making peekholes for you to peek and throw smokes from. Smoke also has impact grenades but in my opinion barbed wire is a better option. You can play smoke also with an aggressive playstyle where you do risky peeks with your shotgun which is super strong and of course the SMG-11, but you need to know when you can do the aggressive plays and when you just need to hold your ground and smoke the enemy off.

How do you deal with Smoke on the enemy team?

You just want to try to bait the enemy teams smoke to waste his smoke grenades early in the round or try to get a pick with an entry fragger. You can also try to go plant on a non suspected spot where the enemy smoke wouldn’t probably throw his smokes and you can surprise them(strongly depends on the map and the entrance points)

Who (if any) would be a solid counter to Smoke?

In my opinion there is not any specific counters to Smoke unlike for example thatcher for bandit etc.

Are there any maps that strongly favour Smoke?

Oregon is a strong map for Smoke where you can hide in the small room next to A bomb behind a Mira window and just wait until the enemy is most certainly going to push from the front stairs to go try plant the defuser on top of the washing machine, you can freely deny their plant from the small room.
Kafe dostoyevsky’s top floor defence is also strong for smoke where you can just throw your smokes to the cigar lounges door where people usually stack late of the round so they just get stuck in there and cant do anything.

Any tips for beginners on how to learn Smoke?

Save your smokes for the end of the round so you can deny the plant and try to stay alive and learn when to play passive and when to do the aggressive peeks when you know you wont die, that knowledge comes along game hours with smoke.