Under Siege: Hibana

Post 31.8.2017

Under Siege: Hibana

Welcome to the all new Under Siege series with ENCE eSports. We will be taking a look at the operators of Rainbow Six Siege to give newcomers (and of course veterans welcome too) an insight to each individual operator of the game. We will look at how best to use the operator, where their strengths and weakness lay as well as a general overview of the operator themselves.

First up we are joined by our Rainbow Six Team Manager ProtaX as he gives us a rundown on our first operator Hibana.

What role does Hibana play within the team?

Hibana is a 3 speed, 1 armor operator who has great rifle with acog and nice sidearm smg. Hibana is usually used as kind of a entry fragger after she has used his X-Kairos. What is unique about hibana is her ability to open 3 hatches (compared to Thermites 2), but in other hand she lacks the ability to open 2 full sized walls.
What is the best way to play Hibana to fully use their strengths?
Hibana is a fast operator with great guns, you should take advantage of this and use her as a entry-fragger/aggressive player. Hibana is also a must pick on maps where you need/want open 3 hatches, like Oregon/basement site and Club House/basement. Hibana is a great operator on maps where you want to open wide holes to walls for lines of sight. You can also use X-kairos to disable Jäger ADS, because each of Hibanas X-kairos pellets(6 per shot) are handled as invidual grenades. Basically you can take out all of 3 ADS with 1 X-kairos.
How do you deal with Hibana on the enemy team?
It’s hard to bandit trick Hibanas X-kairos, because if she ignites them bandit batteries won’t destroy charges. You can try to shoot the hibana charges from hatch/wall, if you get a line of sight to do that.
Who (if any) would be a solid counter to Hibana?
Bandit is situational counter for Hibana, it really comes down to timing. Denying hatch breaches is really hard to pull out. There are also additional counters coming in the new Operation Blood Orchid.
Are there any maps that strongly favour Hibana?
Hibana is mostly used on maps where you want to breach lots of hatches or destroy Mira windows. Hibana can be also used instead of Thermite on maps where you only want to breach 1 full sized wall.
Any tips for beginners on how to learn Hibana?
Don’t shoot all of the 3 Hibana charges to a wall before igniting them, this is how you don’t get caught by Bandit trick. Try to use X-Kairos to disable Jägers ADS, that’s how your team grenades can get to work. Play safe at the beginning of the round, so you can use your X-Kairos. Only 1 of the 6 pellets is enough to destroy a hatch, try hot-breaching a hatch by first shooting you X-Kairos to a hatch, then shooting 5 of the 6 pellets and ingniting them. You will take only minor damage, but will certainly catch your opponents by a surprise.