TeamLiquid StarLeague 5 preview

Post 13.5.2020

TeamLiquid StarLeague is back after an 8 year hiatus! This iconic tournament series took the hearts of the early StarCraft 2 fans and we’re thrilled to see it reborn! The history of TSL tournaments dates back to 2008 and Brood War, but in 2011 TSL 3, StarCraft 2 took its spot.

The 5th edition of the tournament has a $30,000 USD pricepool and and 1,520 ESL Pro Tour points. In total of 24 players have either qualified or been invited to the event. TSL 5 begins with a double elimination bracket on 16th of May. Serral is already waiting on Round 2 of the Winners Bracket along with the other invitees and the first place winners of the qualifiers. The second phase of the tournament is held in June, starting on the 6th. The Final Bracket will feature 4 players who have made it out of the initial phase battling for victory.

We reached out to Serral to see how he remembers the early 2010s and how his practice has been going lately:

It’s been 8 years since the last TSL event. Do you have any memories of it & how old were you? How was 2012 to you concerning SC2?

I actually don’t have a lot of memories from the previous TSL events. I probably watched a lot of those matches back then but I didn’t even think what tournament I was watching half the time. I was 14-years-old back then and struggling in Master league.

Serral back in 2011 with his brother, Protosser

Now, with most tournaments being held online, what are the biggest differences and challenges for you when playing online versus offline.

I wouldn’t say it brings any challenges, but playing online takes away a little of the excitement and hype. Matches don’t feel as important, even though they are. Ping issues are also very annoying when the tournament has players outside of Europe. Either way, the situation is what it is and at least playing from home is less stressful.

Has your daily and your practice routine changed due to the current situation? Any tips on how to keep up your motivation to practice?

I have tried to maintain my routines around the same. It feels like its a little bit harder to find practice partners with all the online tournaments going on. There aren’t really too many tips for keeping motivation high, you just need to keep practicing if you want to keep winning or start winning. Times are gonna normalize eventually, and if you were slacking during this time, it will show then.

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