TaKe's Penthouse Party Coverage

Coverage 20.10.2016

Serral wins TaKe’s Penthouse Party

GRAND FINAL – Serral 4-1 HeroMarine

Serral managed to survive a long day of delays, close matches and no sleep to endure TaKe’s Penthouse Party and come out on top of all the competition. The young player managed to finish second in his group during the first day of play which advanced him to the upper bracket playoffs on day two where he would have face off against HeroMarine, who he would eventually meet again in the Finals. The Zerg player looked to be handling the competition quite comfortably as he managed to make it through to the final without a loss and dropping to the lower bracket. Some very one sided games and a few close calls but in the end Serral looked to have his sights already set on the victory.

In the Final Serral took an incredible victory over HeroMarine with a 4-1 victory and securing himself his first tournament victory under the ENCE name. Below you can read a few words on what Joona had to say on his tournament win.

Joona “Serral” Sotala

I’m really glad I managed to win TaKe’s Penthouse Party and I had great time. Even though the tournament was missing some of the top names who will take part in Blizzcon, the player pool was still good. I have been practicing considerably more after I came home from Ukraine a couple of weeks ago and I’m pleased to see it pay off. I want to thank TaKe for inviting me and the generous community for a successful crowdfunding. I hope there’s going to be another one soon.