Stay At HomeStory Cup Preview

Post 6.4.2020

Esports is coming home again – this time, literally. TaKeTV is making sure you can still enjoy StarCraft 2 without leaving the comfort of your own home! The online tournament replaces the summer HSC 2020 and has players from all the regions competing against each other.

As the ruling HomeStory Cup Champion, Serral was invited straight to the Main Event. He is ready to fight to keep his win streak alive as he looks for the fourth HSC title in a row. Besides the title, they players compete for a $5000 prize pool along with some ESL Pro Tour points.

The event differs drastically from the previous ones due to the online setting. But it is sure to still bring home the HSC spirit, with fun and lighthearted casting, and top level competition. The feel of community and humour is just what all the StarCraft 2 fans could hope for to lift their spirits in isolation!

In the last HomeStory Cup, we got to see the two European titans clash against each other, as Serral faced Reynor in the Grand Finals. It was a brutal, and nerve-wracking battle, that consisted of not only one Bo5, but an additional Bo3 Decider’s Match! Due to advancing to the Final from the Loser’s Bracket, Serral’s tournament was more threatened than his opponents. The games were far from one-sided, as we saw an ace match in both the series. In the end, Serral managed to take the first series 3-2 and the second one 2-1, defeating Reynor, and earning his third HomeStory Cup title in a row.

I’ll be playing in Stay At HomeStory Cup to fill up the calendar a little. Generally speaking, I’m not a massive fan of online events, but they are crucial during these times. I’ll try my best to win as usual!

– Joona “Serral” Sotala

So, brew your morning coffee on the 10th of April, put your comfiest pajamas on, and tune into the stream of Stay At HomeStory Cup!

Video credit: Marco Stawski, Creative Director, TaKeTV

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