StarLadder Ultimate Series Coverage

Coverage 27.9.2018

Serral 0-3 Neeb


This weekend Serral will start his run in StarLadder Ultimate Series! This online tournament is organized by Blizzard and StarLadder. Before the main event, the players have been divided into 3 regions (EU, CIS, NA) and will compete in an 8-player Swiss Group Stage against each other. Serral will play the European group, alongside the other invited players uThermal, Elazer and MaNa. Also, 4 additional players, PappiJoe, Inzane, Reynor, and souL qualified to the tournament from the StarLadder Amateur Series.

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I wanted to participate in an event that doesn’t overwhelm me with games before BlizzCon. Instead, I get to play a small amount of games across the next month and keep up the tournament feeling for the BlizzCon. I don’t really have any expectations for my upcoming matches, I just play my games and see where it takes me.


Group Stage

  • 8 player swiss-tournament
  • Every match is best-of-five


  • Single elimination bracket:
    • All matches are Bo5

Prize Pool

1st place $2000
2nd place $800
3rd-4th places $500
5th-8th places $300
9th-12th places $200
13th-24th places $100

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