Sha77e back in ENCE, Kantoraketti transferred to PENTA

News 12.6.2018

Today we welcome back a familiar face Ville “Sha77e” Palola, who will be joining ENCE as a sub to the R6S team and a Twitch streamer. We also transfer Juhani “Kantoraketti” Toivonen to PENTA.

Juhani spent a few week period with PENTA during the previous Pro League finals, where he had a stellar performance helping the team make it all the way to the finals of the event. After the event the player requested for a transfer to PENTA, which we have agreed to after coming to an agreement between the two organizations.

Ville was a part of the Pro League winning lineup in late 2017 and is now back in ENCE

With this transfer we will be also welcoming back a familiar face in Ville “Sha77e” Palola, who will be joining ENCE as a substitute to our R6S lineup and a streamer. We are delighted to have Ville back under the ENCE brand and would like to welcome him back!

Im happy to announce that im back in ENCE as a fulltime streamer / substitute player, i am more than happy to be part of this great Finnish organization again and work with these awesome people, big thanks to ENCE for the support !, says Ville “Sha77e” Palola

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