SFPL Season 3 Launch - English

News 23.2.2018

SFPL Season 3 Launch

Today we are happy to announce the third season of the SFPL which will be running from 23.2 – 31.3. We are also bringing some changes to the new season which you can find listed below.

The start to SFPL has been sub-optimal with us not reacting fast enough to the situation at hand. However, our plan is to aggressively attack the situation now to ensure SFPL starts trending in the right direction.

We thus would like to announce SFPL’s third season, running from today, Friday 23rd of February to Saturday, March 31. We are also unveiling the following changes:

  • New breakdown of levels: 1-3 (free), 4-7, 8-10, Invite (note: Invite players can no longer play in 8-10, but must choose one level
  • Bi-monthly FACEIT Missions, where users compete in various challenges to win FACEIT prizes that can be used to purchase skins, hardware, or even a FACEIT car (note: the first will take place this weekend
  • New breakdown of prizes to better encourage users to aim to reach the top level (see below)

We also have more planned together with FACEIT for the following months to ensure SFPL remains the best place to play for Finnish Counter-Strike players. We look forward to seeing all returning players in action as well as welcoming new players joining the league.

Happy games,

P.S. We are looking for a head admin to run the SFPL project, as well as admins to help in doing so. If interested, email us at [email protected] If you have feedback, you can also send it to the same address.