SFPL first official season with prizes begins today

News 20.12.2017

SFPL was first launched on the 29th of October as an initiative to cater to aspiring Counter-Strike pros in Finland. As an official affiliate of FACEIT we have the honor of giving two slots in the official FPL qualifier for Finnish players. Aside of the top ladder, having a FACEIT rank based ladder system beyond it is a great way to gradually improve your game and meet fellow players around your own skill level, hopefully being a tool for players to find teams aswell.

At the point of writing this, we have a total of 5,721 players on all our divisions combined. SFPL is currently the third most active hub on all of FACEIT! Those are some astonishing figures and they have exceeded our expectations fully. It’s just more evidence that Finland is a Counter-Strike country.

SFPL enters its official stage

We are excited to announce the official start of the SFPL as a FACEIT affiliate. Aside from the FPL qualifier slots for the invitational ladder, we are distributing a total of 1,500 € worth of prize money and products for the most successful players. The most active players are also going to be granted access to the following season free of charge. In addition, SFPL is about bringing new players on to bigger stages and with that we are introducing our first initiative in form of a show match that will take place during Assembly Winter 2018 from 2nd to 4th of February.

This also means we will be adjusting the division levels according to feedback from the users to Level 1-5, Level 6-8 and Level 9-10.


The first season will run from 20th of December to 20th of January. After that we will have a shorter season to be able to start a new on the 1st of February. We will be adding more components into the system for 2018. Expect us to have more opportunities for players to show what they have on LAN.


The following players from our first season are given a free entry into Season 2

Division level 1-3 Division level 4-7 Division level 8-10
ipezy Lounamaa jebsuu
eBinCheese Nipander Nksu
c0nsome Tobe69 Miikkagodx
Trusiley Jonttuz69 jESUNATOR
Allunen fliz vipsu
Azemify downeri Maiffi
Leipoja360 nikii Jonezky
Hop34nuoli VanDarkholme lehtori
Hokkanen Aatudaa N44M4
wanderi -Nutty -AKE

Go to ence.gg/sfpl and subscribe for 4,99 €/month!