SEUL Training Camp Week

News 27.9.2016

SEUL Training Camp Week

This week the Counter-Strike team is going to Vierumäki for a training camp before the IeSF World Championships in Indonesia. The event which takes place Thursday 29th September until Monday 3rd October will be a good chance for the ENCE team to work together and come together as a team. The current lineup which has only been together for a matter of weeks will be looking to get the most of out the experience in order to establish themselves as a strong team in the scene.


The SEUL training camp takes place every year and aims to provide a professional understanding and training of the eSports scene within Finland to better help the eSports scene become a recognisable career for many young players. You can find more information about the organisation and other events that they provide at their website (mostly in Finnish except for a few descriptions).

Our very own CEO Petri ‘procyh’ Hämälä had this to say of the event

We are delighted to have SEUL help with our preparation towards the IeSF World Championships, which for us is a big honor to have the opportunity to represent Finland at. We have used the Vierumäki facilities previously, but having SEUL provide us with the tools is something totally new and we are happy to take this training camp as a part of our routine and preparation towards our journey to Indonesia.