Serral Wins WCS EU Qualifier

News 20.5.2017

Serral Wins WCS EU Qualifier

The WCS Jönköping European qualifiers have come to an end with a complete domination by our very own Zerg player Serral. The tournament which started with 16 remaining players from the previous qualifier would allow for four to make it through to the main event, however with better placing came a bigger prize and more WCS points.

Serral managed to breeze by most of his opponents dropping only a single map (vs Zanster first game) out of a total 15 maps. Not only did he do so in such convincing fashion but also managed to do it against the likes of MaNa, ShoWTimE and Zanster. Claiming first place means he picks up $1600 and 200 WCS points which will keep him sitting comfortable in 3rd of the circuit rankings for the year.

We had a chance to sit down with Serral after his tournament qualifying win to find out exactly how he felt about the qualifier and looking ahead to the tournament.

Joona ‘Serral’ Sotala

My plan was to get at least to top 4 and I was extremely confident after seeing my bracket. I’m a ZvP expert so getting two of these was great as I would say that the map pool favours Zerg currently. I’m positively surprised on how my ZvZ games went as I was slightly less confident in that area. I’m looking forward to the main event and hopefully I can show good results there in a different playing environment.

The main tournament will take place June 17th-20th in Jönköping, Sweden with $100,000 prize pool, 11,000 WCS points and of course the direct invite to the World Championships later this year at BlizzCon for the winner.

Not only would we like to congratulate Joona on his victory but also for his graduation from school this week.