Serral: South Korea Adventures Part Two

Blog 4.10.2017

Serral In Korea: Blog Party Two

Another week is behind me now and only one more to go! My trip is over the halfway line right now and I still have quite enjoyed the atmosphere here. Didn’t have the most eventful week, but I participated in some tournaments and practised. Weather outside has been quite good, at least whenever we rarely go out. I have been fine with only a t-shirt, even though inside this sometimes feels a bit too much.

TLO and Snute arrived on last weeks Tuesday in the afternoon. We had slight trouble getting PC’s for everyone as we had only 4 working ones for the five of us. In the evening we all went together to get Spicy chicken, it was very good. On our way back, we visited Leifeng house (other gaming house), where we got the last working PC. Rest of the evening we spent practising, normally we go sleep at around 2-3am as the ladder dies. Ladder seems to awake at around 1pm most of the days.

Next day we went to the same spicy chicken place, but this time we all took the spiciest one on the list. I kind of knew what to expect, but turned out this one was slightly too spicy. Well we ended up finishing most of it even though it did take some time. Next couple of days I didn’t really go anywhere except for the market occasionally. Instead we ordered chicken, which is fairly common in Korea. Hard practice for the next few days.

On Friday the penthouse party started, I played my group in the evening at around 9pm maybe. First I won 2-1 against Bluecheese and then 2-0 against Reynor. Next day was the second group stage in which I finished second winning Snute and Elazer 3-0, but losing to Harstem 2-3. After the group, I got to play in the Shoutcraft Kings September in which I won Snute again and Byun, but lost to Neeb. The next day was probably the worst one so far, mainly because I had to stay up until almost 6am after reaching finals in the penthouse party. I won Kelazhur, Solar and Harstem to get there, but in the finals I lost to Solar.

After all I had a good week practice-wise and now my ladder conquest continues.