Serral: South Korea Adventures Part Three

Blog 12.10.2017

Serral in Korea – Blog part three

My trip to Korea is now very near to the end, I will be flying back on Thursday. This was the only week I got to practice only as I didn’t participate in any tournaments. TLO switched houses at the start of this week, as he was struggling to get sleep in, can’t blame him as the bed wasn’t the best. Apparently there was some kind of holiday week in Korea, so finding games took longer than normal, but luckily I still managed to practice against good players mostly.

Before TLO left, we went one last time to a Korean barbecue, this food didn’t disappoint either. The next day, after TLO had left, I took his PC as mine had regular crashes once or twice a day. Sadly my PC now is completely Korean, but it’s still fine for playing. But because nothing can be without problems, I can’t use my own headset as the PC doesn’t recognise normal headset plugins instead I have to use USB headsets. But as long as I don’t drop games unnecessarily I’m happy.

I have been for my surprise struggling a lot in ZvP during my time here and I have by far the weakest win rate in that match up. Luckily I have been doing super well in my ZvT practice games as my BlizzCon group includes two terrans, GuMiho and INnoVation. I have been doing quite alright in ZvZ as well, so I would say I’m quite happy with the BlizzCon group after all. I’ll still have time to try to improve my ZvP in Europe, as we have quite many good Protoss players, so I’m not too worried about that either.

We were supposed to visit the mall with Namshar at some point, but in the end we never found the motivation to go there. Apparently the mall had mostly clothes and food, so skipping it didn’t feel too bad. Namshar left the house at 9th as he had to play his WESG qualifiers on the 12th. He was the only one who was able to order chicken for us, so the last couple of days we have been living without our chicken. Elazer has been in the other house for couple of days now for practice purposes, so I have been in the house with Snute only.

I want to visit Korea again next year probably as it has helped me improve. I have had quite much fun here, even though my days have been mainly practicing in the house. I still can’t wait to get back to Finland. As I get back, I’ll be playing in the Nordic championship qualifiers on 14th and WESG qualifiers on the 15th.