Serral: South Korea Adventures Part One

Blog 27.9.2017

Recently Serral set off for South Korea where he would spend some time at the BaseTrade Gaming House so that he could practice and get ready for Blizzcon. Of course it isn’t just all work while he is there, he gets to enjoy the wonderful city of Seoul and he will be posting a little bit about his time while he is there. This is the first part of his daily life and time while in South Korea

South Korea Blog Part One

Okay, first week here in Korea is behind me. My flight arrived on 18th of September at 8.20 in the morning, from there I took a bus to Sillim station. Bus travel took around 1.5 hours and it went fairly well, even though there was no English announcer and all the curtains were closed. In the end, I managed to find the right stop by asking a fellow traveller “Is this Sillim station?”. ¬†At the stop, I met Matt who was waiting for me. Matt is a guy who lives in Korea and has worked with Jake (NoRegreT) to make some documentaries. Together we took a taxi to the location.

I arrived at the apartment around 11 am, Elazer was awake, Namshar sleeping. Elazer showed me where the closest market was and after getting back, I instantly set up my PC. I decided that I would go to sleep late in the evening, so I got into the rhythm instantly. I played some ladder games, but it turned out I was way too tired so I took an hour nap. After this we made some chicken with rice. Some more ladder and then to sleep.

Next day I was tired from the flight so I slept in, I ate some quality porridge and then resumed my practise right away. Soon enough Major showed up and we went to grab lunch. Apparently the place we went to had the best food in the town and yeah the food was pretty good, especially the beef. For dessert we went to get some strawberry/banana milkshakes after which we took a bus back to the apartments. Later in the day I played in the WardiTV Teamliquid Map Contest Tournament and ended up topping my group after a 3-0 against Has, 1-2 against ByuN and 2-1 Against Solar.

The rest of the week included mainly ladder practise and some custom games with Korean players. I did finish the Map Contest tournament during the following two days finishing second after a 3-1 against Snute, 4-2 against GuMiho and 7-8 against SoO. Overall I have been quite happy with the time I have spent here in Seoul, practice has been more beneficial and fun. Even though I haven’t really had time to improve dramatically, I think especially my ZvT has already gotten better.