Serral remains undefeated at WESG

News 16.3.2018

The Untouchable

Serral does it once again as he slams his way through the second group stages of the World Electronic Sports Games tournament. With a relatively easy 3-0 once again in Group D of the tournament he extends his record to 6-0. This time during the group he took down Bly, Lambo and Elazer in Best of Five series 3-0 which not only means he is unbeaten but he still has not dropped a map putting him at an incredible 15-0 throughout the tournament so far.

While the competition has not been overly challenging most people are still expected to drop a map (including superstars Classic and Dark). Serral now remains the ONLY truly undefeated player in the tournament with his perfect score.

What’s next?

Playoffs! Serral will be joined by 7 other players from the second group  stage where they will play in a single elimination knockout stage. Things will now start to become more challenging as he is left to face the likes of Dark, Classic and Neeb.

Playoffs will take place Saturday with the Grand-Final being played on Sunday. With every win Serral edges closer to that championship and $200,000 first place prize. How far can he go without dropping a map?