Serral Open and a base in Pornainen

Post 12.8.2019

It is no secret that the StarCraft 2 World Champion Joona “Serral” Sotala enjoys spending his free time golfing. Last weekend, Kotajärvi Golf course organised an event carrying Joona’s name, Serral Open.

Kotojärvi Golf served as the venue for the first Serral Open in history. 92 players filled the field for the two-person scramble competition. In addition to the main event, the closest shot to the flag won a Samsung Watch. The event also included an exciting chip and putt game, in which the overall score of the pair was added to the shots.

The winners of the competition were Jari and Timi Torkkel, with 62 points and a five-shot difference to the pair that placed second. Serral and his partner ranked 31st with 75 points.

Besides enjoying a sunny day outside with his favourite hobby, the day proved to be special not only to Serral but the whole of esports. In Finland, there is a tradition to hand over a property to the most accomplished athletes. Thus, the municipality of Pornainen recognised Serral for his incredible achievements in StarCraft 2. No other esports player has received the honour. The base is conveniently located close to the Kotojärvi Golf course to Serral’s delight.

Pornainen is a happy municipality of over 5,000 people, located in the Uusimaa region. It is the 175th largest municipality in Finland. Joona has lived in Pornainen all his life and expressed his interest to stay there. The town provides him with the comforts and peace of the countryside while enabling his pro player career by providing a good internet connection to the area. Serral was also the first person to be featured in the “Legends of Pornainen” campaign and video.

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