Serral Cleansweeps WESG Group B

News 13.3.2018

Serral Cleansweeps WESG Group B

Another tournament, another sweep. Serral took Group B of the first group stages at the World Electronic Sports Games by storm and did not hold back against any of his opponents. Although some of his opponents were notable names it was still expected that Serral would advance with relative ease from the group.

The King in the North

However, the Finnish Zerg player would not advance without doing so in style. As well as the clean sweep he also managed to not lose a single map during the entire three series he would play, taking down all his opponents 2-0.

What’s next?

Serral now advances in first place from the group to the next stage of the tournament which will be the second group stage (16 players). His next games will be played on March 16th and he will be looking to secure another strong group performance. From there it will be straight to the playoffs of he makes it to 1st/2nd in the group and will continue his fight for title of WESG Champion 2018 and a $200,000 first place prize pool.


Catch all the action live right here on and cheer on Serral as he goes for another title to continue his great start to 2018.