Serral Claims Another WCS Championship

Post 4.6.2018

Serral is WCS Austin Champion!

Austin would be the second event of the year for the young Finnish Zerg Serral and it would be his second championship of the year. Now becoming the back to back Champion in the WCS circuit he has claimed his spot as the best non-Korean in the game and shown that he is ready for the World Championships later this year at Blizzcon. Not only did he claim a second title to his name but also secured a $20,000 first place prize to add to his already impressive year.

Going into the event Serral was considered the heavy favourite to take the title and delivered on that however towards the later stages of the tournament it would start to prove more of a challenge with some surprise opponents stepping up their game to try and take down the defending WCS Winner.

Almost Undefeated

During the entire event and including the qualifiers to get there Serral held an incredible record for map wins and almost remained undefeated at the LAN event in Austin. During the Challenger qualifiers he had managed to secure the first spot with a map record of 14 wins and 1 loss and looked like he was going to do just the same during the main LAN event.

Throughout the group stages and up through the Quarter-Finals Serral secured an unbeaten record of 10 map wins and 0 loses bringing his overall total to the event to 24-1 but eventually even the greatest have to look mortal. In the Semi-Finals he would eventually drop another map but it would be just 1 as he took the series 3-1 over German player Lambo before advancing on to the Grand-Final to face Mana who took most people by surprise this tournament.

Mana would turn out to be the toughest opponent for Serral as the Finn found himself down 1-2 in the Best of Seven series but once things got back into his control he would take the next 3 maps to secure his victory as WCS Austin Champion. This would bring Serral to an incredible 31  map win and just 4 maps lost through the entire LAN event AND qualifiers.

What’s next?

WCS Valencia (Challenger) Qualifiers are right around the corner as they will take place starting June 13th and no doubt people will be looking to Serral to claim a triple title for 2018 for the event. So far it has been a great showing for the Zerg and those that will be looking to make their way to Blizzcon will be keeping an eye on him as so far the King in the North is looking like a formidable opponent.

Congrats to Serral on a second title for 2018 and we are super excited to see him at his next tournament very soon.