IEM: Reverse Sweep Victory For Serral In Quarters

News 3.3.2018

SERRAL 3-2 Trap

When things looked bleak for the Western world, Serral arrived. As the only non-Korean remaining in the tournament as it proceeded into the Round of Twelve portion all hopes for the rest of the world lay with him. Trap would be the opponent for his Quarter-Final game who had already shown some very scary levels of play throughout the tournament and would not be an easy fight for the Finnish Zerg.

Games 1 & 2

With a very commanding lead throughout the first game things took a turn for the worse for Serral. He would lose the first two games of the Best of Five series and put him in a situation which would require him to take the reverse sweep against his Korean opponent.

Games 3, 4 & 5

The third game became a pivotal moment for Serral as he was in a very bad looking situation and almost looked like it would be the end of his run at Katowice, but with some great plays he managed to secure his first map. Game four would be a relatively comfortable victory which tied up the series and meant that it was sudden death and whoever won next would advance.

Unfortunately for Serral it did not appear that Trap was thrown off by the series becoming 2-2 and the Korean Protoss amassed an army which appeared to be unbeatable for the Zerg. That being said the King in the North was not backing down and with some incredible control of multiple units he took the fight to all areas of the map and proved too much for Trap.


Serral now has secured himself at least top four at the event and will face his next opponent March 4th 11:00CET. The world watches now as Serral looks to take on all remaining Korean opponents for the chance to secure his title of World Champion at Katowice.