Return of Serral

News 4.10.2016

Return of Joona ‘Serral’ Sotala

Today we are incredibly excited to announce the Starcraft II roster will be strengthened by the return of Serral to the ENCE eSports organisation. Having played for ENCE before making his way to mYinsanity Serral has been one of the up and coming young players of the Starcraft II scene in recent years and we are thrilled to have him return. The young player has shown a lot of promise and looks like he will only continue to grow. We look forward to the work that we will do together and help him to progress further in his career on the global scene. We would also like to thank mYinsanity for a smooth transfer of Serral and wish them all the best in their continued Starcraft II presence amongst other games.

Below you can find statements from Serral, ENCE and mYinsanity about the transfer.

Joona ‘Serral’ Sotala

I have been part of a foreign team for two and half years now, which has been a rewarding time for me and I want to thank mYinsanity for everything they provided me with. Now it has become time to turn over a new leaf and look at the future in a new way. Returning to ENCE eSports feels like a natural move. However, first I have to take care of my matriculation examination and after that I can concentrate fully on eSports. ENCE makes all this possible for me and I believe we can help each other to achieve our goals. I can’t wait to see what the future brings, thanks ENCE for giving me this chance and all the sponsors who make this possible.

Petri ‘procyh’ Hämälä – CEO, ENCE eSports

We are excited to welcome Joona back to our StarCraft II squad. We saw potential in him during the early phase of his career and when he represented ENCE during 2013 to 2014. Since then he has represented Switzerland based organization mYinsanity and during that time collected important knowledge for his career, but now it’s time to come back home! Our goal is to support Joona and help him improve as a player with coaching from former successful professional gamers and Vierumäki the Sport Institute of Finland that is also the official training centre of the Finnish Olympic Committee.
This is an 18 year old talent with lots of gaming years a head and can go far with the right direction!

Kerry ‘Halcyon’ Murray – General Manager, mYinsanity

I had the pleasure of meeting Joona only once, which was at Dreamhack Montreal this year. He is such a respectful and humble young man, who always puts forward his best effort in either gaming or his studies. I have absolutely no doubt that ENCE will look after him and give him the support he needs to complete his schooling and also to help him grow as a player. I wish Joona and ENCE the best of luck!