Rainbow Six Roster Changes

News 18.10.2018

Farewell Blas

Today we announce the departure of blas from the Rainbow Six Siege lineup effective immediately. Although it comes right in the middle of the Challenger League season it has been decided by the team that in order to move forward an unfortunate decision had to be made. The team are striving to achieve Pro League status once again and always trying to ensure that we have the best possible lineup we can put forward.

Moving ahead Ville ‘Shatte’ Palola will be playing as a stand in player for the remainder of the year. We are excited to see him back in the lineup if only temporarily and we hope that the fans welcome him back as he jumps right into the action. Below you can read statements from Willkey and Shatte about this sudden change

Willkey – Team Captain

Everything we do aims to achieve our PL spot back. Sometimes it forces you to do harsh decisions on a short timetable but in the end it all aims for the best possible result for the team. I want to wish blas all the best on his future career & thank him for the time he spend with us.


I am really excited and happy to join the ENCE rainbow six team at least temporarily to help the team go through Pro League qualifiers and Dreamhack Winter LAN event and play competitively. I got this offer and its nice to get even a bit of a touch to competitive gaming and streaming alongside. Really happy about this opportunity and I will give my ultimate best in these coming months

We would like to thank blas for his time with the team and wish him luck in his future career. We would also like to welcome Ville back to the lineup and look forward to some of his crazy plays along side the other members as they look ahead to CL Playoffs.