Rainbow Six Pro League: Year 3 Season 1

News 16.3.2018

The return of Pro League

With the end of 2017 and the World Champion crowned at the Six Invitational we now turn our eyes to the upcoming season for the Pro League. The first season of 2018 will be Year 3 Season 1 and it will also be the first season that ENCE will return as defending champions.

The new season will also be the first for the latest addition to the team UUNO who joined the team at the end of 2017. After some great display of skill from the young player and the teamwork at Six Invitational from ENCE, they have shown that they managed to achieve this in such a short time together and while mistakes were made things will only get better.

Mikko ‘Protax’ Mutanen – Team Manager

We are not happy with our performance in Six Invitational as a team as the goal was to finish at least in the top 4. We did a lot of mistakes in our game against FaZe which made our journey a lot harder. But these are the moments when you need to analyse your mistakes and learn from them.

Six Invitational was also the first Major event for our new player Aleksi “UUNO” Työppönen who really showed the world that he does have what it takes to compete in the top level. With addition of UUNO to the lineup I believe that we have what it takes to make it to the finals 7th time in a row.

Whats new?

With the new year and season comes the addition of the latest expansion to the game. Operation Chimera brings a lot to the game for both campaign and multiplayer which range from game modes to operator balances. There is also the addition of the two new operators Finka and Lion both joining the attack side and completely changing the meta of the game. This will mean for some interesting new strategies and play from the teams in Pro League.

When does it start

The new season will run March through April with the top two teams from each region qualifying to the Global Finals which will take place US during May. The prize pool for the season has been set at $167,000 with first place taking $75,000 and the title of Pro League Champion for the first season of the year.

The first game of the season for ENCE will take place on Thursday March 22nd versus 1up at 22:00 CET and you will be able to catch all the action live right here on ence.gg We hope that you guys cheer on the team as they go for another Pro League championship to start 2018.