Rainbow Six Pro League Finals Preview

Post 23.8.2017

Rainbow Six Pro League Finals Preview

Gamescom is almost upon us and that means the Year 2 Season 2 Finals of the Rainbow Six Pro League will be taking place. The event will see the best teams from Europe, North America and LATAM come together to battle it out for the title of champion and a prize pool of $167,000. The event will take place at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany with the first games starting August 25th at 10:00CEST.

ENCE will be present as the number one Europe seed and this will be their most important tournament to date. The team (recently known as GiFu) are not only their under the ENCE name for the first time but it is also another chance at taking the title, something they haven’t managed to do yet. The team have in some form been at every final but have unfortunately always fallen a little short, so what makes it different this time?

They have had a dominating season so far and shown a lot of improvement upon previous seasons and managed to secure the first seed after taking down arguably the best team in the world PENTA. Not only this but they have also managed to secure a favourable bracket going into the tournament where they will not face a first seed team from another region until the finals. Their first opponent of the tournament will be Elevate who finished 3rd place in the North American league and although it will not be an easy game it will be a game the team will still be hoping to pick up without too many worries. Also joining them on the top side of the bracket will be 2nd place seeds from North America and LATAM.

We managed to grab a quick word with team captain Willkey about the season and they upcoming tournament.

Willkey – R6 Team Captain

We have been preparing for Gamescom for a month now. This is the most time we have ever spent on an event to finally get the title we eagerly work for. The tournament bracket also looks promising for us as we only face other region 1st seeds possibly in the final. It’s quite an interesting weekend ahead of us as Gamescom will be the biggest event we have seen so far with those 358,000 attendees they had last year. It will be nice to also see our German fans as we will have an autograph/meet&greet event on Friday 12:30 CEST at Ubisoft booth.

We are very excited to see the Rainbow Six team represent ENCE and Finland/EU at the Pro League finals and we hope that you cheer them on as they try to clinch their first major title. All the action will be available live right here on ENCE.gg and of course if you are at the event we hope you stop by the booth to meet the players and cheer them on.