R6 Siege: Welcome Blas

News 20.6.2018

Welcome Blas to ENCE Rainbow Six

Today we are excited to announce the addition of Balazs ‘Blas’ Kovari to the ENCE Rainbow Six Siege lineup as the fifth and final member. After the departure of Pannari we were in need of a solid player to help fill out the lineup as we prepare for the upcoming Challenger League and we are excited to welcome Blas to the team and look forward to the new and exciting elements he brings to the already solid squad.

With some success as a coach already behind him having been the 2nd coach for Penta during their Year 2 Season 3 he will now transition to a full time player for the ENCE team. We had a chance to find out what Blas and Team Captain Willkey had to say about the newest addition.

Balazs ‘Blas’ Kovari

I’m grateful for the chance and also hyped to play with my friends, help them out and acomplish everything we want together. Honored to play under such a great organisation, ENCE guys rock!

Willkey – ENCE Team Captain

I’m happy to introduce you to our newest addition on our team Blas. He has been waiting for a long time to get a chance to play in a professional team and we were there to finally give him that opportunity. Blas is a strong addition to our already solid roster and he will be helping us in and off the game as he has the background from Penta for being their 2nd coach back in the Y2S3. Blas is filling Pannaris old slot in our team more or less so be prepared to see awesome supporting game play with exploding action when the need arises.

ENCE will compete in the upcoming Challenger League for Rainbow Six with the aim of getting back into the Pro League for the following season and the addition of Blas as well as Gomfi will help round out the team as they look foward to the future.

We would like to thank the fans for their continued support and hope that they welcome Blas onboard and cheer for him and the team when the new season starts.


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