R6 Siege Pro League Season 9 Coverage

Coverage 4.12.2018

Pro League Start delayed until further notice




With the completion of the Rainbow Six Siege Challenger League ENCE have secured themselves a spot once again in the Pro League. This has been a huge achievement for the team as they have been trying to find their perfect lineup and working towards fighting their way back into Pro League. READ MORE


Prior to DreamHack Open we had a roster change with the departure of Uuno and the signing of SlebbeN who will replace him. The new lineup will now consist of

  • Willkey
  • Bounssi
  • Gomfi
  • Shatte
  • SlebbeN

You can read more about the changes HERE

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  • Double Round Robin (Play vs each team twice)
  • Games are Best of One
    • New format: teams switch sides after 6 rounds rather than 5 and must win 7 (with a 2 round advantage) for victory
    • No overtime
    • Lion will be banned for the season due to issues

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